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Guess What’s Available? SMS Texting for Wix Bookings!

I’m very happy to share that WIX is at again with a new tool to improve the platform and I thought of you.

Are you experiencing "No-Shows" or "I-Shows" (You showed up, but they didn't) for booked services? You’re not alone. I’ve heard it from a number of clients.

Now you can send personalized SMS text messages, combined with the email you’re already using, to reduce or eliminate your no-show rate!

You can also use the tool to provide the following SMS communication:

  • Booking confirmations

  • Booking reminders

  • Rescheduling notifications

  • Cancellation confirmations

Need help installing and configuring the integration tool? Let's chat about the details. Click here to schedule a convenient time to connect.

I look forward to providing continued services to help you grow your business

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